The Association of Local Public Health Agencies (alPHa)

alPHA is a non-profit organization that provides leadership to the 36 boards of health and public health units in Ontario. Our members include board of health members, medical and associate medical officers of health, and senior public health managers in each of the public health disciplines - nursing, inspections, nutrition, dentistry, health promotion, epidemiology and business administration.

alPHa advises and lends expertise to members on the governance, administration and management of health units. The Association also collaborates with governments and other health organizations, advocating for a strong, effective and efficient public health system in the province. Through policy analysis, discussion, collaboration, and advocacy, alPHa members and staff act to promote public health policies that form a strong foundation for the improvement of health promotion and protection, disease prevention and surveillance services in all of Ontario's communities.


 Association of Local Public Health Agencies

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