Health Canada - In partnership with provincial and territorial governments, Health Canada provides national leadership to develop health policy, enforce health regulations, promote disease prevention and enhance healthy living for all Canadians.

Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care -The ministry is responsible for administering the health care system and providing services to the Ontario public through such programs as health insurance, drug benefits, assistive devices, care for the mentally ill, long-term care, home care, community and public health, and health promotion and disease prevention. It also regulates hospitals and nursing homes, operates psychiatric hospitals and medical laboratories, and co-ordinates emergency health services

Ontario Seniors' Secretariat - The Ontario Seniors' Secretariat influences and supports policy development across all government activities on behalf of Ontario's seniors. It conducts specific policy activities with a multi-ministry focus aimed at improving the lives of Ontario seniors. It works with other ministries and other levels of government to identify areas where policy development and coordination can result in improved services for seniors. The secretariat identifies issues and trends among Ontario's seniors' population through research data, demographic projections and regular dialogue with key seniors' groups.